Are online music lessons the best thing for you?

In today’s modern world, the average person spends close to 4-5 hours online daily. We have adapted our lives to be set for online Internet use, from hanging out with friends, playing games, to purchasing products. Now, just like everything else, you can get music lessons online as well. With programs like Drumeo Edge and jam play, it has become easier than ever to learn how to play an instrument at the leisure of your own home. But, is it the best way to learn? And, what does this mean for you?

Here at waveform-media, we believe in finding the best sources for you to learn whatever it is you want to inside the world of music. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing everything on the Internet through your computer, but due to our current culture, that is the way we tend to go. Online music lessons aren’t anything new. There have always been certain vendors selling their skills online through videos, or downloadable PDF’s. But, these days, the market is far more saturated than before. There are online music lessons everywhere. Some of them are good, and some of them are not. One of the more popular programs that you may have seen is from a group called Drumeo. These guys seem to have most of the market cornered when it comes to online drum lessons. You can read an in-depth Drumeo Edge review here.

Advantages to learning to play an instrument online are many. One of the biggest advantages is that now you can now learn at your own pace. Before, it would take a student a long time to seek out a quality instructor, and then have to fork out $30/week for private lessons. This was less than ideal since the lessons would always be at a set time, were expensive, and you only worked with one teacher directly. For many, this traditional style of learning and mentorship works just fine, but for a more modern mind, perhaps taking music lessons online is a better solution. Today, your average person can find thousands of lessons online, watch them whenever they want, and they only need to pay a monthly fee (There are also thousands of free resources available, such as YouTube). If you don’t like a teacher, just switch to a different video and learn from someone else. This allows you to find out which instructors you really resonate with, and exactly what you’re interested in learning.

Although there are many advantages to online music lessons, there are also a few notable disadvantages. Before the Internet, you would find a skilled teacher, and they would structure your weekly lessons to best fit your ability. Now, since the amateur musician can access so much material online at any time, they might have a few too many options. A student may decide to skip ahead to harder material, or will leave a lot of music fundamentals untouched and unexplored. Eventually, this may lead to a student having a very focused, but somewhat poorly learned technique. Unless the online music lessons have a structure that is very strict for the user to follow, students may end up learning the wrong material at the wrong time.

Whether or not music lessons online are the best thing for you is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, lessons are easy to access, can fit anyone’s busy schedule, come with less pressure, and are ultimately cheaper. However, going the traditional route to find a teacher leads to a far more disciplined and scalable learning method that will eventually teach the student properly, and effectively. In the end, it comes down to how you learn. If you crave structure and discipline, perhaps you should seek a musician mentor in person, but, if you are on a budget and have an erratic schedule, online music lessons might be the choice for you.

We cannot make these decisions for you; however, we do encourage everyone to learn to play an instrument of some kind. Regardless of which path you end up taking, we hope that you all begin the journey to expanding your musical horizons.

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